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Do you or a loved one have trouble sleeping at night due to snoring or irregular sleep patterns? As part of their screening process, the office of Jerry W. Reeves DDS, PA is now evaluating for potential sleep disorders, primarily, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This includes an online sleep survey and if indicated, an in-office airway assessment using an EccoVision pharyngometer which uses sound waves (sonar) to map out the airway. 

Good quality sleep is essential to good health! If you are having consistent, unexplained difficulty falling or staying asleep, are snoring heavily, or are just not waking up feeling rested, these are signs that you may have a possible sleep disorder that warrants further investigation. If Dr.Reeves feels that based on the sleep questionnaire and the air-way assessment , that you may have OSA, he will refer you to either your primary care physician or to a certified sleep specialist.

The majority of patients with OSA are prescribed a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help with their sleep problems. Unfortunately, the majority of patients will stop using one after 2-3 years or find they cannot use one at all. An alternative is a mandibular advancement system (MAS), which is a mouth piece designed to open the airway. These devices can only be fabricated by a licensed dentist. If you are a candidate for a MAS appliance or cannot use a CPAP, Dr. Reeves will work with your physician to help fabricate the correct appliance for you.

With over 50 Million people in North America suffering with sleep apnea and less than 0.5% of the dentists currently trained and equipped to offer assistance, we are excited to announce that the office of Dr. Reeves is now available to help you. Contact our office today or start by filling out the Patient Screener below.

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